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Flames | The Phoenix Prophecy Book 5 | Hardback

Flames | The Phoenix Prophecy Book 5 | Hardback

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How can I save the world when I've lost so much?

My heart is broken. One of my fated mates was taken from me, and I don't know how I will ever feel whole again. Part of me believes he's still out there. Part of me would risk anything to find him. But there are bigger things at stake now and time is running out.

Soon, The Shadow King will rise and will be expected to defeat him.

I know I'm powerful. My mages know I'm powerful. But we're about to discover the final piece to the puzzle that is The Phoenix Prophecy, and I'm not sure any of us are ready for what we'll be asked to sacrifice.

‘Flames’ is the fifth book in The Phoenix Prophecy series. It is a full-length paranormal romance novel with MM and a cliffhanger. Check author's site for TW.

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