About The Author

If you're looking for romance that sets your heart—and your Kindle—on fire, then Cara Clare is your ultimate book bae. Known for her steamy paranormal and fantasy worlds, this sizzling wordsmith isn't just any romance writer; she's the queen of "why choose" adventures, where love knows no bounds and neither do her characters.

Already an established name with her scorching bestseller series "The Phoenix Prophecy," Cara invites you into a realm where mythical creatures don't just exist; they're also irresistibly hot. With six books already burning up the charts (and three more fanning the flames soon), she knows a thing or two about keeping readers addicted. One love interest? That's cute. Try juggling a cadre of supernatural heartthrobs—all equally tempting and tantalizing.

But wait, there's more sizzle on this grill! Cara also dipped her toes—or perhaps her pen—into a deliciously spicy retelling of "The Jungle Book." Imagine Mowgli, but gender-swapped and all grown-up - tangled in the vines of love, lust, and fantasy. Yeah, it's as wild as it sounds.

So, if you're tired of the humdrum, one-true-love kind of story and want to dive into tales where the heart and the heat run free, make room on your TBR list for Cara Clare. With her, every page is a spicy new venture into realms untamed and relationships unrestricted.

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