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Care Clare

PRE-ORDER | Gilded Thorns | eBook

PRE-ORDER | Gilded Thorns | eBook

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Bridgerton meets Vampire Diaries

Beneath the gilded facade of The Blood Rose Ball lies a deadly secret. 

Nathanial Blackwood and his opulent family are not what they seem. Bound by an insatiable thirst, the Blackwoods need more than just wealth to survive. And their latest scheme offers a solution: invite the desperate to their opulent estate and, in return for salvation, their chosen humans will pay a price in crimson.

Sera Sterling is not desperate, but her family is. And when they thrust her into the Blackwoods’ clutches, she’s drawn into a world she never could have imagined. 

A world where she must pledge herself to Nathaniel for the duration of the Vampire Season, and where she will be forced to question everything she knows about her life.

As the lines between prey and protector blur, and the Season begins, one thing becomes clear…

Some bonds are forged in blood, and not even death can break them. 

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